We offer Full time and Part time Degree, Diploma, Professional and Certificate Courses in 3d Animation & Vfx in Chandigarh which are 100 % job oriented courses. These courses are purely for students who wish to enter the Animation industry, students who are creative and innovative and those who are looking for a successful career in Computers. Under this Program of 3D Animation & Visual Effects our students get training in Classical Animation, Photography, Sketching, Digital Character Animation, We make them trained in Digital Design, Film Production, Visual Art & Design and also make them learn Writing for Film & Television. We do provide an advance course for Animation student, where they learn Programming for Games, Web & Mobile. This course is one of the most demanding courses as it belongs to an Entertainment Industry. We also organize Workshops and seminars for better understanding of concepts used in Animation and VFX. Faculties at Our Institute bring the real-world experience .


We teach the creative perspective of 3D Animation & Visual Effects. In this Program student get theatrical and technological training and learn to make films, create Visual Effects.

Module 1-Pre Production or Pre - Visualization

Students learn fundamental principles of animation which includes Sketching, Story Boarding, Photography and Digital Editing and range of creative process which help them in visual examination and self-expression, these process help a candidate to produce ideas and improve their conceptual designs and visualization which are helpful for Students while learning Digital media. These skills are used in the Industry for visual exploration, Concept Art, Character Design etc. Sketching I Story boarding I Photoshop I Flash

Module 2-Production

In this module students learn making and creating 3D Modeling , Work Flows ,Inorganic Modeling, Modeling various objects used in Architectural Interiors & Exteriors, Modeling Buildings, Character Design & Modeling, rigging, Animation, Camera setting, Lighting. Thus they actually understand the concept of Textures & Materials, Ray Tracing Algorithm, importance of Mapping, Lighting Concepts, and Importance of 3-Point Lighting approach, Learning about Direct & Indirect Lighting, Rigging Concepts, Character Rigging & Skinning, Creating various Expressions/Moods, Facial Rigging and create a demo reel for future presentation during Placement or Interviews. Software: 3D Studio Max, Autodesk Maya.

Module 3 – Post-Production

In this module student get training in Video Editing, Sound Editing and Creating Visual Effects. They are trained in making, editing, controlling and innovating sound in animation industry. Film Editing is done through Adobe Premiere and also in FCP. Students learn Color Correction & Transitions, Rendering formats, Effects for Stills and Animations, Masking & Color Correction, Removing Chroma and creating animated BGs. After Effects Interface & VFX, Lights & Cameras in After Effects and in Advance part of after effects students learn 3D in After Effects, advance Camera Tracking, 3D Composting, Creating Action Movie Effects, Rotoscopy & Wire Removal. , advanced Particle effects & Ad film designs, motion Graphics and Logo Animations Software : Adobe after Effects, Adobe Premiere, and Final Cut Pro & Sound Forge.